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At Alexander Advertising we offer a range of traditional advertising services including:

Whilst we believe in the power of digital marketing, we also recognise the importance of traditional marketing and understand that it still very much has its place in the advertising and marketing world. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is post a huge, colourful billboard in the centre of a large city.

Our media team are very experienced and can advise you on the best place for your advert at the right time. We offer media advice free of charge to help you understand your options and your budget choices.

Alexander Advertising - power of digital marketing

By advertising outdoors or on the radio, for example, you can massively increase your brand awareness. Imagine having a huge billboard with an advertisement for your product or services that somebody drives past everyday, they are bound to become more aware of your brand and pay attention to your advert at some point. Also, radio advertisements for example are played multiple times a day. Offices that play the radio continuously will be exposing your brand to these people over and over again during the day.

Alexander Advertising - advertising outdoors

Whilst it can be more difficult to measure traditional advertising, there are many advantages and important reasons why you should use traditional methods of advertising, either on their own or alongside many digital efforts such as social media and paid search engine marketing.

Outdoor Advertising

Our outdoor advertising services include a large range of mediums and platforms. We offer a range of outdoor advertising options including:

  • Adshel and panel advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Rail & tram advertising
  • Taxi advertising
  • Bus advertising

Whether you have used outdoor advertising on multiple campaigns or are completely new to the idea, it can benefit you and your advertising in various ways and it is an effective choice. The main benefits of outdoor advertising include:

  • Reaches consumers that other media does not
  • Places your advert directly in front of your targeted audience
  • Puts adverts in the most relevant places
  • Makes it difficult to ignore!

And there are many, many more!

Alexander Advertising - outdoor advertising

Statutory and Public Notices

Public notices are issues by a government agency or legislative body to provide information to the public. Here at Alexander Advertising we are experienced in published public and statuory notices. We have over 50 years of experience in the field of notices and are aware of all statutory notice regulations for local authorities and other government agencies. We can save you time and money and give you the best advice on the appearance and location of your public or statutory notice. We always strive to make sure that you get the best price and pride ourselves in cutting the cost of advertising.We have tens of years of experience in publishing public notices so you can be sure that we will handle your requests seamlessly.

Alexander Advertising - Public notice

Radio Advertising

We also offer radio advertising services. We have great relationships with the media to ensure that you get the best price for your money. Our experienced team are able to give the best advice to ensure that your advert is as successful as possible. 

Alexander Advertising - radio advertising

Recruitment Advertising

We have a long standing, successful, recruitment advertising team that specialise in education recruitment. Our team has great relationships with organisations like TES and local newspapers in order to minimize your recruitment costs. We also offer social media advertising, on LinkedIn and Facebook, and Google Ads as additional methods of advertising for your recruitment. We always strive to ensure that schools and educational institutes are cutting the cost of advertising as much as possible. We are well known for our recruitment advertising and have hundreds of clients who use our services repeatedly to successfully recruit roles. Read more about our recruitment advertising services here.

Alexander Advertising - Recruitment advertising

Print Advertising

Our print advertising services include many of the above elements. We have a great relationship with newspapers and media outlets across the country having worked in predominantly in print advertising for over 50 years. We have a team of in-house designers that can design and create adverts and leaflets and flyers for whichever campaign you choose to run. We can also recommend the best media outlets and channels for each of your campaigns depending on your target audience and your budget.

Alexander Advertising - Print advertising

We have a range of happy clients. This is what St. Joseph said about our services:

"Very helpful patient staff who are always a pleasure to deal with on the phone or via email."
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