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Things you didn’t know about social media

Posted by Stuart Walters on December 16, 2018

  Let’s start with some user statistics.  

  • There are 6 new Facebook profiles every single second. That means, that every second you sit reading this blog, six new profiles are created on Facebook. That’s on top of the millions and millions of profiles that already exist! Who knew so many people didn’t have Facebook already!  
  • Every 15 seconds somebody joins social media for the first time ever. See, the digital world is still growing like crazy.  
  • 2 new users join LinkedIn every second too! So, every time you click your fingers somebody else signs up to LinkedIn 

Small Medium Businesses - SMBs:  

Now we know a little about the social media users, what about businesses on social media? 

Did you know that over the past 2 years, the number of small-to-medium-size businesses using YouTube ads has doubled? Or that 81% of SMBs use some form of social media to promote their business? And 93% of Twitter users who follow small-to-medium-size businesses (SMB) plan to make a purchase from a brand they follow? 

Clearly, many SMBs are using social media! If you want to know how you can use social media for your business, then get in touch with us for some help.  

Business stats 

If SMBs are using social media, then how much are they spending on social media advertising? 

  • According to a study, 38% of organizations planned to spend more than 20% of their total ad budget on social media in 2015, this was up from 13% the previously year and is even more now three years later! 
  • Social media advertising budgets doubled worldwide from 2014 to 2016 
  • Ad spend on social media in 2017 exceeded $35 billion worldwide, accounting for 16% of all digital ads 

Different platforms 

How do these budgets work on different platforms then? Engagement rates (how many people like, comment, or complete an action on your post) vary greatly depending on the platform and the content. 

For example Instagram has a follower interaction rate of 2.2%, higher than any other social network, and the per-followers engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook’s and 1320 times higher than Twitter’s! And, a tagged location can increase engagement by 79%! 

Facebook’s engagement rate for all types of page posts is just 4.20% on average, but 5.23% for video posts, and Tweets featuring images receive 18% more clicks than those without – so think about your media content wisely! 


If you’re not using social media to help advertise your business, then get in touch with us to find out more about how and what you can do!