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Digital content trends for 2019

Posted by Stuart Walters on December 31, 2018

Your audience 

One big content trend in 2019 will be the focus on generation Z. Generation Z is entering the world of work and therefore coming into more and more buying power. Whilst content trends have been focused on millennials for some time now it is going to be important to create content for this generation. Knowing your audience is essential to successful content and adverts and knowing who you need to market for is a big part of this.  


Influencers have been a huge for a few years now but there is an ever-increasing rise in micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are those with less than 50,000 followers. The preference towards using micro-influencers for ads and marketing campaigns is largely due to their engagement rates. These micro-influencers tend to have much more of an ‘influence’ over a smaller number of followers and therefore ads tend to be a lot more successful (and with a lower budget!). You are likely see an increase in this trend throughout 2019, with big brands such as Iceland using smaller influencers for their marketing campaigns. 

Authenticity of content  

Whilst influencer ads and content can be great marketing tools, a big trend that will continue from 2018 into 2019 is content authenticity. Particularly for the likes of generation Z, who are used to seeing sponsored content and paid ads on their favourite influencer’s social media, the concept of authenticity becomes important. If the ad or the content appears to be fake and unauthentic then the audience is much less likely to respond. However, this poses a difficult task of declaring the ad whilst trying to convince followers that you genuinely believe in the things you are saying.  

Content is everything 

The whole idea of authentic content links to the idea that ‘content is everything’. A big content trend you will see in marketing campaigns, blogs, and emails in 2019 is the focus on high quality content. Content has always and will always be important, obviouslyBut, it is easy to loose site of the actual content and focus on just site traffic, statistics and SEO etc. With there being so much content online nowadays, the quality of what you put out there is ever-more important. If you fail to focus on the quality of what you are producing, your content may fall behind and so will your statistics and engagement!  

Email more personal  

Another content trend to look out for and think about is personal email content. Email content is also evolving and become more and more personal. Although there is often a security concern and data concernsemail content is likely to get more personal in 2019. This may mean personalised ads, reminders for thinks you have previously clicked on, or simply using your name!   

Podcast ads  

Lastly, a content trend that might surprise you is that podcast adverts are on the rise. Podcasts have been a big thing in 2018 so you can expect to see no less in 2019. However, these will now have adverts too. Studies have shown that the success rate of podcast adverts are 4.4 times higher than display ads. This is likely due to the fact that the consumer is listening and paying attention to the podcast and can’t quickly scroll past. However, it also links to the power of the micro-influencer and the authenticity of content. Many podcast listeners will download the same podcast weekly and become ‘fans’ of the hosts making their word more influential to the listeners than any display ad can.  

The overall trends in 2019 therefore suggest a rise in the importance of content creation, which will need to be authentic, more personal, and geared towards the right generation.